04 April 2010

Changing Sites...

So, I've had two blogs for a while... this one and my photography blog. But I'm now moving everything over there. As we all know, simplifying things in life usually isn't a bad thing. So, if you keep up with me, follow me over there! http://sabrinalewis.blogspot.com And if you have a few minutes, check out the website too! http://photographsbysabrina.com

11 February 2010

Crazy Love

"Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but it is ridiculous for us to think we have the right to limit God to something we are capable of comprehending." -Francis Chan, Crazy Love

Last fall I started hearing about this book and was intrigued. It's been a while since I've read a non-fiction Christian book so I thought this would be a good one to pick up. Well, it never happened. Things come up, I get busy (because I'm SO popular, my calendar fills up fast! lol) and I never make it by the bookstore. And clearly it's too hard to go online and order something so that never happened either.

Well, I continued to hear things about this book. Two of my high school girls were talking about it, then a couple people at work were talking about it and before you know it, I find a copy of it in my hands. Just for me! Turns out the president of our company had heard about it and read it and wanted each of us to have a copy. A big THANK YOU goes out to him!

We received the books at a company lunch we had a week ago. I wasn't too excited about the lunch because everything was decorated for Valentine's and the guy I had dated at the end of last year would be sitting in the same room... Really? Man, I sometimes think it's a gift that I could be so lucky! Anyway, as our president was talking about this book, I actually started thinking about the title and Who the book was about.

It's crazy that a God that's SO big and SO powerful and SO much more than words could ever describe loves us. Especially with as crappy and horrible as I can sometimes be. Now, I know none of you are like that, but I have some pretty bad days. But God still loves me.

I'm only just finishing the first chapter but I've already had more thoughts provoked in this one chapter than I have in a long time. And it's all about the magnitude of God. Wow. No seriously, wow. Yes, I question God. Yes, I ask why... a lot. Yes, I sometimes get answers. But even in those answers I don't always get the full story. Because God is bigger than what my little mind can comprehend. And it's not fair of me to try and bring God to my level so that I can understand what He's doing. What ever made me think that I had that right? Or capability for that matter?

So what do I do with that? I stand in awe. I meditate on Him. And I worship Him every chance I get.

13 January 2010

my NOT VERY FUN week

Pardon my "French" but this week has sucked. There are other choice words that could be used, but I will refrain. Luckily I have some amazing people in my life and one such amazing person sent this to me today and it was just what I needed.

All of our difficulties are only platforms for the manifestation of His grace, power and love. No one else can carry you through the rough times; no one else can keep you from sinking under trials and ongoing struggles…One of the things that helps in times of waiting is to review the promises God has given you in the past. Elisabeth Elliot writes “When we are puzzled by delays and detours, let us think about the great purpose of life, to glorify God.”

When the Lord feels far away, He is often allowing such feelings for a purpose. He may be teaching us to walk by faith when we are unable to sense His abiding presence.
Remember fear is not of God. James Kennedy says, “Where faith strengthens, fear weakens. Where faith liberates, fear imprisons. Where faith empowers, fear paralyzes. Where faith encourages, fear disheartens. Where faith rejoices in its God, fear fills the heart with despair."

Right now, one of my favorite little girls is in a hospital room waiting to have brain surgery in just 2 days. She's not even 3 yet. See, isn't she precious?? Visit her CaringBridge site.

And while it doesn't even compare to what this beautiful little girl is going through, my heart has been broken just a bit over the past few days because of other things going on in other people's lives, which ended up directly affecting me.
But luckily God is in control. As He always is. So that's what I'm going to rest in today. And maybe tomorrow I'll be able to see even just a tad more clearly the manifestation of His grace, power and love.

25 December 2009

Forever, I know

Has it really been over a month and a half since I last posted?  I mean, what in the world?  Ok, there have been a few things going on... I got a little busy with Christmas family photo shoots (loved it! You should check out the PS blog if you haven't lately.  Of course that needs updating too...) and then before I knew it, December was upon us.  And here we are, Christmas day, celebrating the birth of our Savior (love it!).  

Back in June I posted about the One Person that truly makes my life complete.  And today we're celebrating his birth.  I mean, wow.  Last night at my church's Christmas Eve service, one of the pastors said something that everyone has been dying to hear about for years... Christmas is all about gifts!!  WOOHOO!!!  Bring on the presents!

LOL - of course he was completely serious when he said it because he's right, Christmas IS all about gifts... THE gift.  Because while I love everything tangible that I received over the past couple of days that came in a bag, box or stocking, the most amazing and wonderful gift was given well over 2000 years ago.  The One Person that I can't live without was born in a stable in Bethlehem because there was no room for him and his parents in the inn.  The love of my life, my One and Only, the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God was born this day, in the city of David... and his first bed was a manger full of food for the animals in the stable.

Wow.  I'm humbled, I'm honored, I'm down on my knees.  Because the God of the universe loved me enough to give up his glory in heaven to lie in a bed of hay on the night of his birth.  How could we ever ask for a more amazing and precious gift?

I pray each of you has had an amazing Christmas!

11 October 2009

days 1, 2 and 3

first of all, my french stinks.  no really, it does.  i can't understand more than three words from anyone and my vocab is worse than ever.  ugh.

second of all, other than the french thing, i'm having an amazing time.  i mean, seriously.  i follow a national geographic photographer around all day.  and she gives me pointers and tips and pushes me and likes my work.  yay!  so fun.

third of all, my roommate is from Texas.  she's wonderful!  but why can't i get away from these Texans?!?  it's getting a little weird that i have so many of them in my life.

fourth of all, there are some really fun people on this trip.  i hung out w/ a lady from Bostan all day the other day.  she cracks me up.  i love her.  and she's old enough to be my mom.  which just makes her even cooler.

pictures from day 1, day 2 and day 3

06 October 2009

Off I Go!!

I can't believe I leave for France tomorrow. TOMORROW. I still have a good bit of packing and all to do, but I'm really looking forward to the trip. I mean, I'll have the chance to pick the brain of a National Geographic photographer... for a week!! Not to mention the other 22 photographers that will be there. It's all felt like a dream... but a dream that's actually coming true.

Life is an adventure. And I can't wait to see what God does with this part of my adventure. Because it's pretty darn exciting.

24 September 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods

We probably flew over a handful of rivers and then travelled through some woods to get to grandma's house. Well, it's actually my aunt's house, but still. Grandma lives here so it counts.

It was really tough seeing granddaddy yesterday when we got here. He's down to 112 pounds and just looks weak. I knew what to expect because mom told us the details as we drove from the airport to their house. And the doctors have given him about 6 months. We cried a lot on the drive here.

But I've only cried once since being here. Scratch that. Twice. :*) Anyway... it's more than obvious that he's in pain. The cancer is on his right side and you can tell when he sits and lays down that it's bothering him. I wish I could just pull it out so that he wouldn't be in as much pain.

I'm doing my best to just listen... and watch. I want to remember every detail... the way he always answers the phone with a prolonged "heeeello" in his once deep voice that's now losing some of its power; the way his nose is a bit crooked; the way his whiskers feel on my face when he gives me a hug and a kiss.

I hate that life doesn't last forever sometimes. But I'm thankful that I have THIS time. Oh my goodness I'm so thankful. Daddy went quickly and suddenly and there was no time to just sit and talk and memorize his features. But this time I get that chance. And then once Jesus calls me home, I'll have that opportunity for eternity :*)

Dang it... I'm up to three times now.

I knew when i took this picture last Christmas that it would be a longtime favorite... That's my granddaddy, in his flannel shirt, glasses in his pocket and reading the Washington Post. In fact, I bought him one today when my brother and I went out to get lunch. *smile*

23 September 2009

To Grandmother's House I Go

I'm sitting at the airport in Greenville waiting to board my flight to Atlanta where I'll meet up with my brother and fly to DC.  Growing up in the south, we didn't grow up with our grandparents just down the street or across town.  My dad's parents were in Easley, but when I was younger we lived in Virginia and Georgia so even they weren't really close.  Plus, they were much older and both of them passed away by the time I was 10.  I remember going to my mom's parents for five weeks when my brother and I were maybe 5 and 7 but I actually don't remember too much of that time there.  

As I've gotten older, I've called my grandparents more, tried to go see them more, but since I have a full time job in SC it's hard to get up to DC to see them and my mom more than a couple of times a year.  So, I'm SO glad to have this chance to go up, stay with them and my aunt and uncle and have nothing much on the agenda for the next few days.  It's not Thanksgiving, it's not Christmas, it's just a random weekend in September... that God carved out JUST for this.

My granddad isn't doing too well.  He's had scleroderma for a while now but we just found out recently that he also has cancer.  I hate cancer.  This is my first family member to have it, but I've had friends of friends and who have struggled with it, parents of friends who have fought and won and I hate it.  It tears life apart.  And it's just another reminder that we live in a fallen world that we aren't meant to be in forever.

So, since granddaddy is suffering and I'm leaving on my "big trip" in just two short weeks, I wanted to go and see him now.  I want to hug the 112 pounds of him that are left.  I want to sit at his feet and listen to stories.  I want to hear about how he came to know our Savior.  Because soon... sooner than I would like... I won't have that chance anymore.  And the last thing I want to do is to look back and regret that I didn't take the time or opportunity to go and see him.

Only God knows whether this will be the last time I see him or not.  My gut tells me it is.  Hospice brought a hospital bed to the house yesterday so things aren't looking too good.  But, he'll be with Jesus soon and there's nothing sweeter than that :)

19 September 2009

Thru the Eyes of Texas

I know it's been a long time. And I'm so sorry! Life is catching up with me and I've hardly had a chance to breathe over the past few months. But while I'm still catching my breath, I want you to check out Arica's football blog. This girl not only loves college football, she LOVES the Texas Longhorns. But seriously, check it out and keep up with her. I don't think you'll regret it!

23 July 2009

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

I’m ready for a good AMERICAN cheeseburger. Yes, that's right. I like meat. And I like to eat. And I like to eat meat. And I'm not ashamed.

While we were in Peru, the Peruvians (I just love saying that word) went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed in their beautiful country. We arrived on July 3 and the evening of July 4, we had the most amazingly private fireworks display I've ever seen. I mean, wow.

Anyway, they did their best to make us feel at home as we celebrated our country's birthday, which included cheeseburgers and hotdogs for dinner. The hamburgers were actually ok. Although most of our group did NOT like them. The hotdogs... well, I usually eat maybe one a year. And by eating this one I met my quota until probably 2013.

But I digress. This post is about Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I'll get to be in a bit of Paradise this weekend as I meet up with my Clemson girls (and their families) for a picnic at the lake up in Rock Hill. Woot woot! I love these girls (and their families) and we don't all have the chance to get together very often, but we'll do it this weekend!

And I'll be secretly celebrating even more because I'll be eating a large, juicy cheeseburger... and loving it :)